LanaPug's Minecraft Server


LanaPug's Minecraft server is a non-commercial server open to everyone at no charge. The server has been online since 2013 and features a Survival/PVP world, 7 custom Mob Arenas, and a Creative world with large 101x101 plots and WorldEdit enabled.

Server status:

LanaPug's Server - 1.19.2 | Survival/PVP, 7 Mob Arenas, Creative World - 0/40
Paper on 1.19.2-R0.1-SNAPSHOT
Paper 1.19.2

No players online     Plugins installed (43):
ActionBarAPI 1.5.4a
AltDetector 2.01
AsyncWorldEdit-ActionBarAPI 3.9.4
AsyncWorldEdit 3.9.4
AutoBot 1.01
BetterSeen 1.01
Essentials 2.19.7
EssentialsChat 2.19.7
EssentialsGeoIP 2.19.7
EssentialsSpawn 2.19.7
FarmLimiter 1.5.3
FreedomChat 1.1.0
GriefPreventionBlockedCommands 1.0
GriefPrevention f4e7d8b
ImageMaps 1.0.10
IronDoors 1.8a
LimitDrops 1.02
LuckPerms 5.4.40
MemCheck 1.03
MinecartCollisions 2.03
MobArena 0.107
Multiverse-Core 4.3.1-b861
Multiverse-NetherPortals 4.2.1-b786
Multiverse-Portals 4.2.1-b834
NoCheatPlus 3.17.1-SNAPSHOT-Updated-b149
Orebfuscator 5.3.1
PlotSquared 6.10.4
Prism 3.6.0
ProtocolLib 5.0.0-SNAPSHOT-b598
PwnFilter 3.1.2b
SignURLs 1.0.5a
SilkSpawners 7.3.1-SNAPSHOT-b280
SilkSpawnersShopAddon 3.0.3
TabListPing 1.04
Vault 1.7.3-b131
ViaBackwards 4.4.2
ViaRewind 2.0.3-SNAPSHOT
ViaVersion 4.4.2
ViaVersionStatus 3.13
WallClock 0.2.2e
WorldEdit 7.2.12+6240-87f4ae1
WorldGuard 7.0.7+216b061
xInventories 2.5a

Privacy policy: When you play on LanaPug's Server, we collect the following: your IP address, your player name, your UUID, your chat messages, and all other actions you take on the server. This is collected in order to monitor server operation and correct any problems or errors. Most of this data is deleted after two months, but Minecraft/plugin data files are retained indefinitely. LanaPug's Minecraft server is not approved by or associated with Mojang or Microsoft.

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